Carnivore Trading Academy Terms and Conditions.

Tuition is non-refundable. Students are responsible for transportation to Las Vegas and to the hotel from the airport. If you are driving and there is a cost for parking at the Hotel, you are responsible for that. The hotel may have free self-parking. Carnivore does not cover the cost of valet parking at the resort. Carnivore Trading Academy Tuition covers 100% of your room cost and taxes and fees at the hotel property – however – all other room or spa or food or other resort fees you may incur are your responsibility. Carnivore also covers the cost of morning breakfast and a mid-day lunch at the training room as well as transportation to and from the Carnivore Estate. In the evening Carnivore Trading covers the cost of food and drinks and entertainment for the evening while at the mansion. Your transportation back to the hotel each night is covered by Carnivore Trading Academy. Carnivore Trading Academy has the right to refuse service to anyone that isn’t participating in the Academy in good faith or is disrupting the educational program and making other students or the instructors uncomfortable or feel unable to get the most out of the Academy.

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